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English publications

Kollmorgen, Raj (2013): Theories of Postcommunist Transformation. Approaches, Debates, and Problems of Theory Building in the Second Decade of Research. Studies of Transition Stats and Societies (i.P.,

Kollmorgen, Raj (2011): Revolution, Reform, Transformation. An Introduction to Principal Forms of Modern Social Change and their Relations in the Post-communist Epoch (unpublished paper).

Kollmorgen, Raj (2010): Transformation Theory and Socio-Economic Change in Central and Eastern European Countries. In: Emecon – Employment and Economy in Central and Eastern Europe, vol. I (1)

Bartels, Anke/Stopinska, Agata/ Kollmorgen, Raj (Eds./2007): Revolutions: Revisited, Revised, Redesigned. Frankfurt/N.Y. Peter Lang.

Kollmorgen, Raj/Bartels, Anke/Stopinska, Agata (2007): Revolutions after the End of History. An Introduction. In: Stopinska, Agata/Bartels, Anke/Kollmorgen, Raj (Eds.): Revolutions: Reframed – Revisited – Revised. Frankfurt/N.Y. Peter Lang: 9-34.

Kollmorgen, Raj (2007): East Germany as a Society In-between: Modernity's Resistance vs. Postmodern Avant-gardism. Presentation on the conference „Between Past and Future. East Germany before and after 1989" (March 30/31, 2007, University of Toronto).

Kollmorgen, Raj (2007): Postcommunist Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe: Between Success and Failure (Paper prepared for the Symposium: Europe at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges, Thursday, April 19, 2007, Institute for European Studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada).

Kollmorgen, Raj (2007): Review: Steven Pfaff. Exit-Voice Dynamics and the Collapse of East Germany: The Crisis of Leninism and the Revolution of 1989. Duke University Press, 2006. In: In: Canadian Journal of Sociology Online, March 2007 (

Angermüller, Johannes/Wiemann, Dirk/Kollmorgen, Raj/Meyer, Jörg (eds./2004): Reflexive Representations. Politics, Hegemony, and Discourse in Global Capitalism. Münster: LIT.

Kollmorgen, Raj (2004): Neomodernity. Theory and Practice. In: Angermüller, Johannes et al. (eds.): Reflexive Representations. Politics, Hegemony, and Discourse in Global Capitalism. Münster: LIT: 169-185.